General Dentistry

Dental Bonding (Composites)

When a cavity is removed, there is oftentimes a space left in the tooth. Composites are tooth color (metal-free) fillings that act like a tooth substitute and help “fill” up the space left behind by the old cavity. Learn more about the reasons and process of dental bonding at Blue Wave Smiles.


In instances when too much of a tooth’s structure is removed, from cavities, to cracks and fractures, fillings just aren’t enough. In these cases, a crown is crucial to help protect the tooth from damage during our daily uses such as chewing and talking. Learn more on our dental crowns page.

Root Canal Therapy

A cavity, left untreated, can become very deep and reach the nerve of the tooth, causing extreme pain and infection. A root canal is a procedure to remove the infection and get you out of pain. We clean up the inside of the tooth and remove all bacteria and irritants and then fill the inside of the tooth is a biocompatible material. We know that you’ve probably heard stories about root canals but here we understand the apprehension. We strive to make the experience as comfortable and as painless of a process as possible. Please inquire about our various sedation options at the office. For more information on root canals, visit our root canal page.

Tooth Extractions

We try to save your smiles as much as we can, however, there are cases in which the tooth is so broken down that it advisable to take out the teeth. Here at Blue Wave Smiles, we understand that no one likes to have their teeth taken out but we strive to make you as comfortable as possible in these situations. We will make it a painless and stress-free process. Please inquire about our various sedation options at the office.

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