Advanced Technology

Technology advances at a quickened pace, and we here at Blue Wave Smiles are no exception when it comes to having the latest tools to make your visit effective, serene, and convenient. We stay close to the pulse of new technologies to offer you high quality and comfortable care.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral CameraWe understand the power of an image and here at our office, we utilized the latest technology to bring you the full scope of your dental health. This technology allows Dr. Nguyen to capture images of your teeth as he would see them in your mouth and this allows you to better understand the health of your teeth. We believe that the better informed you are about your dental health, the better you’re able to make the best decision possible.

Digital X-rays

Our digital x-ray sensors allow us to take use far less radiation than a traditional x-ray. Once taken, the images are instantly available on the monitor and the program controls allow us to discern the most details from your teeth, (ensuring the best possible diagnosis).

Laser Dentistry

Dental LaserOur powerful CO2 laser technology not only allows us to treat soft tissue but also allow Dr. Nguyen to perform cavity prep on your teeth without the use of a drill. Cavity procedures with the laser are oftentimes more forgiving on the nerve of the tooth and can be done without having to get shots.

We also use laser technology as part of our cleaning to ensure the most effective cleaning in order to treat diseased tissues.

Isolite System

To ensure patient comfort and quality care during your procedure, we oftentimes use a self-contained system that simultaneously suctions excess water in your mouth, allows your jaw to rest, and provides a clean working environment for the doctor all within the confine of your mouth.